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Competency–based interviews
With our help, you can get a competency-based interview to improve your ability to hire the right person for the right job. We have a growing competencies library with dozens of pre-made questions to help you create the best interview ever.
Interviews made easy
During the candidate's interview, you can easily access all the questions and give instant feedback on the answers. Picko helps you evaluate each question and choose the candidate with the competencies you need.
Accuracy in each choice
After finishing the interview, you get all the data that matters. You can see the overall candidate's score and dive deeper into the interview details. Picko helps you make better decisions to hire qualified candidates with a good fit for your company culture.
The benefits of structured hiring interviews
  • 1
    Open-ended questions based on critical job behaviors and skills that give deeper and new insights for the recruiter.
  • 2
    Questions are behavioral or situational, helping evaluate competency or problem-solving ability.
  • 3
    Interviewers use predefined questions following the same order with the help of interview guides.
  • 4
    The interviewer gives a numerical rating to each answer before moving on to the next question.
  • 5
    Use interview guidance to speed up the process and identify poor or good answers.
  • 6
    It decreases the number of biases in the hiring process and enables more diverse hires.
“Skills-based hiring can provide a mechanism for companies to close important skill gaps and compete in a tight labor market by expanding the pool of candidates they consider.”
The Emerging Degree Reset (2022) ⏤ The Burning Glass Institute
“A bad hire can cost 30% of the role's first-year earnings.”
The Emerging Degree Reset (2022) ⏤ The Burning Glass Institute
Answers to a few good questions.
  • Is Picko secure?

    Yes! Your security is a priority. All data your share with us is kept private. You can request us to delete it anytime.

  • Is Picko suitable for my organization?

    Sure! We designed our method to match all companies' sizes. With Picko you can hire 1 or 100 people a month.

  • Is competency-based hiring good for my company?

    Absolutely! Every company should use competence as a standard to hire new people. Grow your team with assertiveness.

  • Will the beta version be released soon?

    We are working on the beta version, and we expect to launch in the second quarter of 2022. Come with us!

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We are looking for people interested in using structured interviews based on competencies evaluation in order to hire the best candidates for the job.
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